Safeguard against winter hazards 

Always at the ready, SnowClear activates automatically* at the time of snowfall, and melts the snow on the ground around your building. SnowClear saves labour, time, and money, while keeping everyone safe around the clock.

* Automatic operation with snow sensor installed

Removes snow, ice, and hazards

Snow and ice buildup around your building can be a major cause of injuries. Second only to motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents account for fifteen percent of all accidental deaths in America. Tens of thousands of Canadians slip on ice each year. SnowClear maintains a safety zone around your building by melting snow and ice before it creates a public safety hazard.

Clean, eco-friendly technology

SnowClear uses far-infrared light and heat from ceramic-coated lamps. The far-infrared rays radiate from above and accelerate the vibration of snow (water) molecules and the ground below to produce heat energy that melts the snow efficiently. One unit can clear an area over 10 m2 (100 ft2)*.

* The coverage may vary with the height and angle of installation and other environmental factors.

Stay safe and sustainable

While salt is good at melting snow and ice, it poses some health concerns to humans and animals. Salt can also lead to potential property damage, like corrosion, and can leave a residue that requires cleanup after use.

Typical snow melting systems are powered by gas or diesel, while SnowClear uses electricity to safely and easily melt snow and ice around your building with heat.

Easily installation,
many applications

SnowClear is the ideal snow safety solution for entrances, stairs, ramps, parking lots, walkways, and anywhere you need efficient, 24/7 snow removal. SnowClear can easily be installed on a building or overhang, or mounted on a self-standing pole. Installation can typically be completed in a day.

Efficient and economical

Based on the annual snowfall data for Toronto, operating hours would be approximately 200 hours, and cost $125.28 CAD (using USD to CAD rate of 0.75 = $93.96 USD) during an average four month snow melting season.* Quebec City has 375 hours of annual snowfall, which would cost approximately $234.90 CAD (using USD to CAD rate of 0.75 = $176.18 USD). Maintenance is limited to changing the heating elements which last approximately 3,000 hours.

* Based on an average cost of $0.174 kWh. 3.6kWh per unit. Performance figures could vary in different environments. 



To clear the way in and out


To prevent slips and falls


To ensure snow/ice free steps

Parking Ramps

To prevent skidding and sliding


To keep emergency exits accessible

Parking Garages

To prevent snow blockage

Scope of Application Per Unit

SnowClear is a far-infrared, overhead snow melting system. The far-infrared rays radiate from above and accelerate the vibration of snow (water) molecules and underneath ground surface to produce heat energy that melts snow (ice).

Snow melt coverage of 10m2  (100ft2
The coverage may vary with the height and angle of installation, ambient temperature, covering velocity of snow and other environmental factors. 



Power Supply:
Single phase 208-240VAC 3.6kW (0.9 kW×4)*
Heating Elements:
Four far-infrared carbon lamps with special ceramic coating
Power consumption:
3600W ±5%

To extend heating element life, limit operating time to less than 20 hours/day, or use recommended snow sensor controller


867mm (34")
308mm (12")
Height (with bracket):
255mm (10")
Weight (without bracket):
10kg (22 lbs)
Weight (with bracket):
13kg (29 lbs)



The SnowClear Overhead Melter can be installed three different ways to optimize the desired snow melting area — on a building wall, on a overhang, or on a self-standing pole. SnowClear should only be installed by a licensed and qualified electrician in accordance with the relevant electrical code for your area.

  • Requires a minimum ground clearance of 2.5m (8.2ft)
  • If installing under a roof or overhang, ensure there is 3m (10 feet) or more of clearance.
  • Choose an area where there is vehicle height clearance if required.
  • Choose an area where heavy snow, or ice sliding off a roof, will not damage the product.




3D Viewer

Trying to visualize how SnowClear would look installed on your building? View SnowClear from all angles, or use your phone or tablet to view it in real life, by clicking on the button below.



SnowClear is designed to operate with a snow sensor and controller — to switch on when the sensor detects falling snow, and switch off when it detects that it has stopped snowing. The controller device operates automatically when connected to the snow sensor.

  • Use at an ambient temperature of 5°C to -20°C (41°F to -4°F)
  • Not recommended for use in extremely humid or dusty environments

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